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Laksesystemer AS is a young company established by Fjøssystemer – a leading supplier of technology to the agricultural industry in Norway with close to 1 billion NOK revenue. 

Substantiated by synergies with Fjøssystemer, Laksesystemer offers a broad portfolio of solutions to the aquaculture industry. One of our most important is the concept “Smart feeding” consists of a range of innovative solutions tailored for modern land based aquaculture that adds up to what we firmly believe to be the best feed system on the market. 

Our goal is to raise the bar for land based feeding technology.

Laksesystemer AS
Torlandsvegen 7
4365 Nærbø 821 962 242


Ole Gabriel Kverneland
Cell: (+47) 959 78 077

Ruben Prestegård Lende
Cell: (+47) 404 73 278


André Stenumgård
Cell: (+47) 906 83 515

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