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Laksesystemer service

Fish are animals with habits. When they have gotten used to their rations in specific intervals it will represent a considerable stress when this pattern is broken. Few things are as important in a land based fish farm as delivering the right amount of feed at the right time. This is particularly important in recirculated fish farms where dust and breakage impedes performance in biofilter and causes deteriorated water quality.

Regular service and maintenance of feed systems that can prevent equipment failure or reduce dust and breakage is without a doubt a good investment. Even though doing our utmost in performing preventive maintenance it is inevitable that unforeseen things may happen. In such cases, it is comforting to know that Laksesystemer, together with sister companies in Fjøssystemer, can offer one of the best service networks in the industry.

Our country wide service network counts more than 80 service technicians where many of these are specialized in dealing with this type of technology. Local access to qualified personnel saves time and money for everyone.

We know that even the shortest feed system halt can have large implications for the fish, for instance in form of fin-biting that in turn makes the fish more susceptible for disease. This is why we on several of our service stations keep in stock vital components. In our portfolio you will find the competence and the spare parts you need from both Daltec and Big Dutchman – and a lot more.

 To make sure we do everything we can to avoid irregularities in feeding we have chosen to offer commissioning vital components on each farm as an integrated part of our service- and maintenance agreements.  This package includes components that typically needs changing every now and then. This means smaller repairs can be performed efficiently by picking components from the local inventory and receiving remote support if necessary. This way one does not have to wait for shipment of spare parts and can save money by not having to send small parts with express deliveries.

Service- and maintenance agreement

Laksesystemer can offer service- and maintenance agreement for all type of feed systems from Daltec and Big Dutchman. Through Fjøssystemers long history with both technologies we have acquired broad competence securing qualified help when needed.

 Service agreement includes all components and systems delivered by Laksesystemer and includes the following:

  • Free telephone support from 07:30–21:00 all days up to 30 min
  • Discount on service hours
  • Yearly service check on site with replacement of necessary equipment
  • Discount on spare parts and consumables
  • Laksesystemer supplies commission spare parts to store on site.
  • Agreement does not include new technology or new software.

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