Laksesystemer offers a broad portfolio of silos both for indoor and  outdoor use. For outdoor storage we offer both steel and fibreglass silos. Fibreglass silos are delivered with inspection opening and cyclone as standard equipment. The silos also have a vertical line that indicates the level of feed inside. We have silos sized   8mᵌ, 12mᵌ, 20mᵌ, 26mᵌ and 31 mᵌ as inventory with short delivery time but can also deliver other sizes upon request.   

Indoor steel silos and big bag funnels

We deliver steel silos in all sizes for indoor storage of fish feed. Silos are delivered with steel lids, inspection windows and customized outlet flange. Silos can also be delivered in stainless steel. We also deliver stainless funnels with knife for efficient emptying of bigbags.

We can deliver different transport systems for filling siolos, both flexible and fixed augers as well as pendular elevator.

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